Factors to consider when opening a Spread Betting account?

When your planning to open your first Spread betting account, you will besieged with different providers vying for your deposit. This can be particularly bewildering for a newbie, so we have decided to provide a list of what one should look for when picking a Spread betting provider. It is important to find a provider(s) that suit your needs the most and each individual will have factors that are more important to them. This list is not in any particular order.

  •  Margin requirements 
  • Types of account on offer. Including whether the firm offers deposit or credit accounts. 
  • The online trading platform on offer, its ease of use and the reliability of the online platform 
  • The product range on offer, different providers will often offer different products. Looking for the range of products you feel most comfortable with may be very beneficial in the long run. 
  • Telephone trading, does the provider have such a service and the quality of such a service. Even if you plan to trade online, you can never be sure when you may lose your internet connection. 
  • The speed of execution either by phone or online. Faster the execution the better. 
  • Many Spread Betting providers offer educational facilities and practice trading accounts. As a new depositor you may want take advantage of these. 
  • Do they offer analysis to their clients. Some firms offer fundamental economic analysis to their spread betting clients. 
  • Material they offer for technical charting. 
  • Interest paid on cash sitting in your account. Some Spread betting companies offer this to depositors, similar to the type you would get on a normal bank account. The importance of this increases the larger the amount you have deposited. 
  • The range of Stop-Losses they have on offer and the costs involved in having a guaranteed stop loss. 
  • Other services that add value. Including how good the service is and other problems or complaints. 


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