The Beginners Guide to Spreadbetting

Recently I have been writing a number introductory articles to Spread betting. I intend to use this post as a place to compile all the articles in one place in a logical order. Allowing readers to easily find the articles and post they want to access. Hope you find the articles useful and informative. 

A quick piece on the relative Pros & Con’s of Spread betting, plus information about how Spread betting came into existence.
CFD Trading represents one of the biggest other forms of online trading and here we compare the differences between the two products.
Part 3: Spread Betting the Very Basics 
Explains the very basic of a spread bet.  
Part 4: Spread Betting guide to Margins and Margin Calls 
A guide to the Margins and Notional Trading Requirement, explaining how you can get such high levels of leverage with spread bets.
Part 5: Is Spread Betting for me 
A quick look at what kind of people will be suited towards taking up Spread betting, also raising some of the risks involved. Spread betting may not be for everyone.
Part 6: Explaining the Spread: The Spread vs The Underlying Price
Explains why there is a difference between The Spread and the underlying price of the financial and why shopping around for best price is often very beneficial.
Part 7: A Basic Guide to Spread betting order terminology 
A list of some the key order terms commonly used in Spread betting. 
Part 8: Factors to consider when opening a spread betting account 
A run through of the considerations one should make when choosing where to open their first account(s). 
Part 9: Risk Management for Beginners: The use of Stop Loss explained
A post on why risk management is so important to Spread bettors and how the use of Stop Losses can help maximize returns and minimize losses.

The guide is now complete look out for the follow up called Made To Trades Guide to Beginner Strategy and Analysis for Spread Betting. This guide can be download as a PDF for free at Megaupload 


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