Trading Site Review: GFT – CFD’s

Important Facts 
  • Regularity Authority: Financial Services Authority (FSA UK) 
  • Instruments: Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Bonds and Forex  
  • Features: Easy to use web platform, support for mobile trading and resources for new and experienced traders alike. 
  • Minimum Deposit: Not Stated 
The Platform 
GFT’s platform is available in several different forms. First off their is the web based trading platform called Dealbook Web which is pretty much no thrills experience while the simple web platform may not have many features, it is easy to navigate and trade on. Though the platform does have an impressive range of technical indicators for such a web based program. The there is the Dealbook360 downloadable program which offers a wider range of facilities for those who wish to download the program and it has to be said that the Dealbook 360 program is pretty impressive in terms of the features that you have available to you. Then the Dealbook also has its mobile incarnation unsurprisingly called Dealbook Mobile. With good execution and limited re-quotes, GFT have to commended on their trading platform.

Special Features 
Unless you take the outstanding platform to be a special feature their is nothing truly special that makes GFT’s CFD service stand out. But GFT seems to take the professional approach by ensuring that they provide a top notch service supposed to providing their clients with gimmicky features.

Other Features 
Many of the expected features you get with a reputable CFD platform including the option of opening a free demo account. GFT demo accounts are limited to 30 days for some reason which limits the benefit of having such a feature. Again there is also the typical educational features some which are free to download without having an account as long as you provide some information so they can make attempts to market their service to you. To be fair to them the educational tools and information they offer at GFT is pretty good, so fair play to them.

The Spreads on GFT are very competitive and have to be regarded as some of the best spreads around. Though unlike other providers their is a separate commission to be paid on each trade which varies depending on the instrument that is being traded. Typically the commission seems to work out at about £7 per trade. This makes trading with GFT a attractive proposition only if you wish to place big trades.

Customer Service 
GFT offers excellent customer service with helpful and polite staff sitting on the other end of the phone. With live 24/5 support and a good reputation for customer service, it is unlikely that your going to have to many issues with GFT. I have rarely heard people talk poorly of the customer service offered by GFT.

Regulatory Authority 
GFT is regulated by the FSA in the UK and therefore is part of MIFID and therefore can accept customers from across Europe on their CFD trading platform. FSA regulation is generally considered to be the best of the best when it comes to regulating derivative trading within in the European Union. Having a much better reputation than say CySec.

Overall, GFT offers a great CFD trading platform for those who desire to trade considerable size, though it may not be the best option for those who only wish to put on small trades due to the set commission charges.


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