Binary Options Review: OneTwoTrade

Important Facts 
  • Regulatory Authority: Regulated by the Maltese Gambling Commission 
  • Instruments: Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Currencies 
  • Unique Features: Simple and easy to use, Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee (at time of writing)  
  • Minimum Deposit: Undisclosed 
The Platform 
OneTwoTrade currently only offers a web based interface with no independent client available for download. This is pretty standard for the Binary Options and in the future I envisage that a number of sites will begin to offer such clients. Though they have launched an application for the  iPhone which allows people to trade on the move. However the web client is exceptionally easy to use with all the important information being at your disposal. Anyone who has previous experience with Binary Options will take to the platform like a duck to water. Those who are new trading won’t take long to get accustomed to the platform and should be able to place their first few trades with ease. OneTwoTrade should also be commended for the design of the interface which is a real pleasure on the eyes. 
Special Features 
The special feature that will probably attract people the most is the 110% Money Back Guarantee, which will allow a new user to claim back 110% of their deposit if their first ten trades are unsuccessful. How good an offer this really is will depend on how it is implemented and what the small print says. It should also be noted that it is extremely unlikely that someone will lose ten trades in row. Another feature that adds to the user experience is the live web seminars that OneTwoTrade offers to its users. 
Option Contract Returns 
Taking a look around OneTwoTrade you will see that the contract returns are pretty much in line with the rest of the industry. I have seen contract returns of up to 75% on the money risked which is up there with some of the most competitive providers in the marketplace. Another thing I was impressed with was the full risk disclosure found on the bottom of the homepage. However there is not lock in option or the ability to roll over a contract if the contract expires outside the money.  
Customer Service
OneTwoTrade offers one of the better customer service experiences out there. Company headquarters and phone numbers are openly listed on the website, with OneTwoTrade operating from a City of London Headquarters. The company also offers 24/5 live web chat which has pretty much become an industry standard. All in all OneTwoTrade are pleasure to do business with. 
OneTwoTrade is not regulated by a financial services authority, this is most likely down to the state of the binary options regulation within Europe. Instead OneTwoTrade is regulated by the Maltese Gaming commission. This allows OneTwoTrade to accept customers from across the European Union, but American citizens are barred from using the service due to the fact that binary options are regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. While gambling regulation is not exactly ideal it is far better than no regulation. 
Overall, OneTwoTrade offers one of the better Binary Option services available to European consumers at this particular time.


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