Brokers with Low Minimum Deposits

Many people want to try their hand at trading Forex and other financial instruments but often have limited financial means to do so. The most important point and one that I must stress is that financial trading carries significant risks and those looking to start trading should only risk money that they can afford to lose. This being said I am going to examine a number of brokerages that allow individuals to open accounts with a low minimum deposit and also question whether such low levels of capitalization will allow an individual to successfully trade the markets.  

A number of brokerages have very low minimum deposit requirements some as low as $1, however such brokerages are often unregulated bucketshops (such as InstaForex and LiteForex) and are best avoided. This article is going to focus on MiFID regulated brokers who allow clients to open accounts with relatively low deposit requirements. All brokers featured in this article have a MiFID passport allowing them to take on clients from all countries within the European Union. 

MiFID Brokers with Low Deposit Requirements
Name Minimum Deposit ($) Regulator Review
eToro 50 CySec Click Here 100 CySec Coming Soon
Alpari 200 FSA Coming Soon
InterTrader 0 FSA Coming Soon
AVA FX 100 CBI (Ireland) Coming Soon
HY Markets 50 FSA Coming Soon
HiRose UK 50 FSA Coming Soon
GFT 250 FSA Click Here
SpreadEx 0 FSA Coming Soon
Xforex 100 CySec Coming Soon
easyForex 25 CySec Click Here
tradingpoint 5 CySec Coming Soon
Plus500 100 FSA Click Here
ECMarkets 100 CySec Coming Soon
FineXO 100 CySec Coming Soon
Exness 100 CySec Coming Soon
ForexYard 100 CySec Coming Soon
XeMarkets 100 CySec Coming Soon
IG Markets 10 FSA Coming Soon
YouTradeFX 100 FSA Coming Soon
FXCM 100 FSA Coming Soon
Finotec 200 FSA Coming Soon
As you can see some MiFID brokers have no deposit requirement when it comes to trading with them. However, this is rather misleading as in order to open a position one would require enough deposited in order to cover the margins. Even if micro lot trading is enabled this would be at very minimum a few dollars, however even in order to be able to trade micro lots in any meaningful way one would require around $50 in capital. Even then this would be such an ideal situation.  
As you can see many brokerages require that their clients deposit a minimum of 100 Dollars with them. This seems to be quite a sensible requirement and those who desire to trade with the said company. I however would recommend that individuals who wish to give trading a serious go capitalize themselves to the tune of several hundred dollars. The smaller the starting capital the more likely that an individual will go bust within a small number of trades and could lead to positions being closed prematurely due to margin requirements.  
However it may possible to deposit money around $50-100 with a Forex broker and make a good go of it. And as you can see there are a large number of MiFID brokers who will be willing to accept your business. The smaller amount of capital an individual has available to them the more important certain features become such as having tight spreads and offering small lots or contract sizes. Before opening an account with any particular broker it is important to but in a good deal of research to see whether the broker is suitable for your needs. 


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