Made To Trade’s 2012 Best Broker’s Awards

This site has been running for almost a year now and during this time I have learnt a lot about the over-the-counter financial derivative industry and have decided to give some informal awards to the providers I believe provide the best level of service in each over the counter the products covered by Made To Trade. 

Made To Trade’s 2012 CFD Broker of the Year 
Goes to GFT UK 
FSA regulated GFT UK gets my vote as the best Contract for Difference brokership of 2012. Offering a wide array of instruments with some of the most competitive spreads around GFT UK is one of the premier Contract for Difference providers in the world. GFT also provides a number of different platforms for traders to use all which function well and get the job done. GFT UK also has untarnished regulatory record and have always found everyone I have dealt with at the company to be very pleasant and helpful. You could do a hell of a lot worse than opening an account with GFT and would happily recommend them to anyone who asked my opinion. To read the full review I wrote previously Click Here
Made To Trade’s 2012 Financial Spreadbetting Service of the Year 
Goes to Capital Spreads 
While FSA regulated Capital Spreads provides both Contracts for Difference and Financial Spreadbetting, its efforts appear to mainly be concentrated on the Spreadbetting market. Capital Spreads provides a wide array of financial instruments for Spreadbetting and offers very competitive spreads on all the various instruments provided. The Capital Spreads online platform is a total doddle to use making it one of the best places to Spread bet online. Again similarly to GFT, every run in I have had with Capital Spreads customer services has been a pleasant experience. As far as I can tell from my research Capital Spreads has an untarnished regulatory record and thus I would recommend Capital Spreads to anyone who was looking for a good reliable financial spreadbetting service. To read a full review of the service provided by Capital Spreads please Click Here.  
Made To Trade’s 2012 Binary Provider of the Year 
Goes to GFT UK with an honorable mention for IG BInaries 
GFT UK has really stolen the show this year, winning two awards one for its CFD service and another for it’s Binary service. What differentiates GFT from the rest is that it’s Binaries are reflective of how proper Binary Options are priced. As opposed to the majority of the market who offer Binaries in the form of a fixed return bet. Another thing that sets apart GFT UK from its rivals is the fact that they offer the Binaries in the form of a Spreadbet or a Contract for Difference allowing them by to regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the UK. While certain improvements have been concerning the improved regulation of Binary Options (namely CySec stepping up to the plate), GFT still offers those who wish to trade Binaries the best platform and regulatory backing for those who wish to trade binaries. While the Binaries offered by GFT UK are not as simple to use as those offered by many providers, this is irrelevant as Binaries as offered by GFT make for a far superior financial instrument. To read a full review Click Here.


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