Binary Review: GOoptions

Important Facts 
  • Powered by the SpotOption platform 
  • Regulatory Authority: Appears to be unregulated unless it is relying on the CySec regulation of the platform provider SpotOption. Massive Consulting Ltd. appears to be registered to a residental address in Birmingham, United Kingdom. 
  • Unique Features: Nothing in particular apart from a sign up bonus
  • Instruments: Offers 200 Instruments including Commodities, Stocks and Currencies 
  • Minimum Deposit: Micro Account $100 
The Platform 
The platform is a typical example of the kind of platform found by those who use the SpotOption platform to operate there binary options business. The platform is reasonably attractive but it is not as attractive as many of the other platforms that also use the SpotOption software. Anyone who is unfamiliar with Binary Options trading will be able to use the platform with very little effort and anyone else who has used another SpotOption platform will probably feel a serious sense of Deja Vu. The platform is perfectly functional and will let anyone with even the most basic understanding of how financial instruments. However I’m not personally a great fan of the color scheme used on Goptions as it appears rather grating to my eyes. There is nothing in particular that sets the Goptions platform apart from the numerous other platforms using the SpotOption software. It also lacks the support of smartphone trading which available on some of the other SpotOption competitors such as OneTwoTrade. While all in all the Goptions platform is perfectly functional and may satisfactory for many traders needs it is hardly going to set the world of Binaries alight. 
Special Features 
What is particular weak with the Goptions offering is the overall lack of special features. A number of educational tools are offered but these aren’t exactly particularly useful and are really not going to provide a trader with anything particularly valuable. They also offer a sign up bonus of up to 100%, however the terms and conditions involved in this particular sign up bonus aren’t made explicitly clear which makes me rather wary of this particular offer. So when it comes to special features for me it appears the Goptions appears quite light on the ground. This may not be a big deal to some people who just want an easy and reliable platform to use.
Option Contract Returns 
As the site is powered by the SpotOption Ltd. software the Options contract returns are pretty much what you would find on many of the other SpotOption websites. This is due to the fact all of the SpotOption powered sites use the same risk management software. However I did feel that some of the option returns on Goptions were slightly poorer than on some of the other SpotOption powered sites. However this is just a hunch and is just based on my personal impression when I looked over some of the binary options sites using the SpotOption software.  
Customer Service 
GOptions seems to pretty reasonable in terms of the customer service provision. There is both the option to phone a US and UK based phone line. Alternatively you can contact the people at GOptions through there 24/7 Live Chat feature which seems work pretty effectively, though it does take a couple of minutes to get through to an operator. Though it doesn’t appear to be particularly 24 hours with the live chat feature only operating between 6am and 10pm GMT which does seem to point to the site being based in the United Kingdom. There is also an email contact form if people would rather contact the site through the form of email which is always an option, especially for those who are less confident when it comes to chatting live to someone they don’t know. However the main negative for is the lack of address listed on the website. A listed address appeals to me as it appears to be attempt at providing some transparency, it is also provides a place to make inquiries if the worst comes to happen. 
It appears that GOptions itself is unregulated. This would certainly be the case if Massive Consulting Ltd. is in fact a British based company. As a British registered company would be unable to either acquire a British Gaming Licence or FSA regulation to provide Binary Options in the format offered by SpotOption. It appears that GOptions is either operating unregulated or that it is assuming that the fact that SpotOption is a regulated entity also means that they are covered by SpotOptions regulation. However whether this is the case is unclear as the change in regulation has only occurred recently. Whether White Label companies are in fact protected by SpotOptions regulation is unclear, whether they in fact are depends on how the white labels operate. If they handle the clients money directly themselves it would appear that they are. However if they simply receive a revenue share from the clients who use their site it would appear that in fact they may be covered by the CySec licence of SpotOption Ltd. 
All in all, I would say the GOptions appears to operate a satisfactory binary options service, though I do not feel that GOptions personally offer the best service around. Whether they are covered from a regulatory point of view also appears somewhat unclear.


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