Book Review: An Introduction to Forex Trading by Matthew Driver

This book 2012 written by Matthew Driver, a man who I have struggled to discover much about is aimed at the complete Forex newbie. The presumably an attempt to cash in on the growing interest there has been in the Forex markets. This concise book is divided into number of different chapters assuming no prior knowledge of the Forex markets making it accessible to even the most financial unaware individuals. While there are many introductory Forex books on the market there are a few things that set this apart from many of the other books. 
Where this book really excels is in the amount of information it provides about trading Forex going beyond what many introductory books offer. I have noticed that many introductory Forex books stick to explaining how the Forex markets work and explain the basic mechanisms of a trade without going much beyond that. I mean they may talk about a few trading strategies but often they don’t go into enough detail to allow you to actually start trading the market. Driver for example provides a pretty comprehensive introduction to charting techniques which would be a real help if you were a newbie trader. 
While the book provides a enough information to get someone on the road to Forex trading I would still not recommend that having read this book you jump straight away into real money trading, your probably going to want to do further reading and introduce yourself to some more complex works. However this book will provide the foundation you need to in order to engage with more advanced material.



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