CFD Review: AVA FX

Important Facts 
  • Regulation: In Europe, AVA FX are regulated by Central Bank of Ireland. AVA FX is also regulated in Australia by ASIC and in Japan by the Japanese FSA. 
  • Instruments: Forex, Stocks and a range of Commodities. 
  • Features: Wide range of platforms to choose from as well as social trading features.  
  • Leverage: Of up to 200:1 
  • Minimum Deposit: $100 
The Platform 
At the center of AVA FX’s offering is the well known MetaTrader 4 platform, which is a well known platform and a favorite among many a CFD trader. As you would expect AVA’s version of MetaTrader 4 doesn’t differ from the standard MetaTrader offering. Scalping is allowed at AVA FX but limits are placed on the activity of arbitrage Expert Advisors. What these limits are isn’t made entirely clear. If MetaTrader isn’t for your AVA FX also offer their AVA Trader platform which is pretty functional, though I feel it is a bit crowded for my liking as their is simply too much going on. Though I sure some will like the AVA Trader and find it pretty intuitive. Another thing that will attract people to AVA FX is the fact that it offers extensive options for those who want to engage in social trading. For one their is the well known Mirror Trader program which is available at a number of different brokerages.Secondly, AVA FX also provides support for those who wish to use ZuluTrade, as well as offering the similar alternatives Currensee and ayondo. So it appears that AVA FX may be a good option for those who wish to try their hand at social trading. 

Special Features 
AVA FX doesn’t offer anything particularly unique apart from its support of a wide range of social trading platforms. But apart from this I cant see AVA FX offering anything particularly unique in terms of trading. Though I could see AVA FX being a good option if one intended to get into social trading.  

The Spreads on offered at AVA FX aren’t that great but there not the worst either, spreads on the major Forex pairings range from around 2-3 pips. Though the spreads do get significantly wider when it comes the more exotic pairings. However if your only trading the major pairs the spreads should be tight enough to allow you make some decent profits. I have done an in depth  analysis of Forex spreads which didn’t include AVA, but I believe that AVA FX would fit in the middle of the said list. But would still provide significantly less value than the  best CFD providers in the market place. When making a decision about which brokerage to choose one should determine what instruments they intend to primarily trade and determine which brokerage provides them with the best value for money. 

Customer Service 
The customer service gets a pretty heavy slating at AVA FX, with their being lots of reports of individuals having to wait an extended period of time in order to be able to withdraw their money. There have also been complaints that AVA FX appear to make up stories in order to satisfy their customers, as well as giving out inaccurate or misleading information. Unsurprisingly AVA FX dispute this and contend that they provide a very high quality of service to their customers. While I can’t come down on either side of this debate, I think the reports are concerning enough to mean that individuals who are interested in depositing with AVA FX do some serious research before depositing cash with them. 

In Europe AVA FX is regulated in Ireland by the Central Bank of Ireland. Due to the fact that Ireland is a full member of the European Union in accordance with MiFID directives AVA FX is able to accept and take on clients from throughout the European Union. AVA FX has received some criticism regarding being regulated in Ireland due to the fact it is perceived to be one of Europe’s weaker regulatory regimes. As far as I can tell AVA FX has never been on the receiving end of any financial penalties or warnings. AVA FX also holds ASIC regulation which allows them to operate and accept Australian customers and again to the best of my knowledge they haven’t received any fines or penalties. Further on top of this AVA FX is also regulated in Japan allowing them to take on Japanese customers, this means that AVA FX has a global presence operating in a number of different jurisdictions. I believe however that AVA FX is an offshore company as it is also going through the process of obtaining BVI financial regulation, it is also reported to have strong connections to Israel.  

Overall, I wouldn’t say that AVA FX is the worst brokerage out there but I would also not place it among the best brokerages. I personally wouldn’t deposit any serious amount of money with AVA FX.


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