Risk Warning

Risk Warning: Spread betting & CFD Trading risks substantial financial loss, all transactions are at your own risk. Only speculate on financial spread bets & CFD’s within the limits you can afford. Spread betting & CFD’s may not be suitable for all. Make sure that you understand the risks involved and seek independent advice to whether it is suitable for you. Binary Options are considered a form of Gambling in many parts of Europe and again you should precede with  caution, as such options involve a high degree of Risk. Madetotrade.net and its representatives cannot at any point be held responsible for your losses 

Affiliate Disclaimer
At Made To Trade we are here to tell you about the trading of financial instruments including but not limited to CFD’s, Financial Spread Betting & Binary Options and many other things that relate to the markets. In return we are paid by some of the brokers reviewed on this site to express our opinions and our other thoughts about them. We want to be up front with you and hope you understand that we are working to make this site a great resource of information. In return we are compensated by sending them leads.

Not every link on the site will be an affiliate link, but should you have a question about an outbound link on this site please let us know by either leaving a comment or sending us an email.We try are hardest to only work with the best in the industry. If you find something questionable, again, please contact us.

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