Beginners Guide to Strategy and Analysis for Spread Betting

Having completed the first introductory guide explaining the basic mechanisms behind Spread betting and the basics behind how spread betting works. We have decided to follow this up with a second Beginners guide this time about beginner level strategy and analysis for Spread betting. First we will take a look at both Fundamental analysis and Technical analysis, then we will move onto some basic strategy often used. 

Part One: The Difference between Technical and Fundamental Analysis 
A look at what the differences between Technical and Fundamental Analysis and brief look into what these kinds of analysis involve. 
Part Two: Fundamental Analysis Price-Earning Ratio’s and Earnings Per Share 
A look into using Price-Earning Ratio’s which is one of the key tool’s used in fundamental analysis. 
Part Three: Fundamental Analysis Sales Figures & Net Asset Value Per Share 
A look into how Sales Figures and Net Asset Value Per Share can effect movements in Stock prices.
Part Four: Fundamental Analysis Dividend Yields & Dividend Announcements 
A look at using dividend yields as a tool of Fundamental analysis and how announcements surrounding dividends can effect stock prices. 
Part Five: Using Price Sensitive Information: Director’s Dealings 
A look at how Directors share dealings can affect share prices and how to find out this information.
Part Six: Using Price Sensitive Information: Brokers Recommendations 
A look at how brokers recommendations can lead to movements in price and how to find these recommendations.
Part Seven: What is technical analysis? 
A short post on what technical analysis consists of, there will be following posts on several types of charting.
Part Eight: Four Basic Charting Techniques 
A look at using four basic charting techniques and the basic logic behind each technique. With graphs to illustrate each technique.
Part Nine: Basic Economics for Spread Bettors: Interest Rates US,UK & Eurozone 
Here we take a look at some basic information about Interest Rates and the effect that they can have on various marketplaces.
Part Ten: Basic Economics for Spread Bettors: Retail Sales & US Jobless Claims 
A look at two more economic indicators and what they can mean in terms of the economy and the markets. 
Part Eleven: Basic Economics for Spread Bettors: US Non-Farm Payrolls 
A look into why you should take notice of the US Non-Farm Payrolls figures. And why this is important non US traders and investors.

More coming soon. 


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