Book Review: Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders

We at made to trade are back with another book review. This book has be around for a long while now and has become an almost legendary book within trading circles. While not specifically written for those with an interest in CFD & Spread Betting (which is the main focus of this blog), it features interviews with extremely successful traders in a variety of different areas. This provides very useful insight for those who wish to enter the world of successful trading.  

The book was written Jack Schwager, a very successful trader in his own right. He is currently running the Market Wizards Hedge Funds for the Fortune group and is based in London. He is also known for a number of other significant books, including The New Market Wizards and other books on more technical aspects of trading. These have also received some very good reviews and may be of interest to some. Jack Schwager also holds a M.A in Economics from the very prestigious Brown University.  
The basic premise of the book is quite clear and the format works well. It sees Jack Schwager interviewing several prominent investment figures from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Including some very big names in the world of trading. A real positive part of Jack Schwager’s book is the style in which he undertakes the interviews. Schwager gently pressures the interviewee’s into revealing lots about their trading strategies and tactics. While not all the situations are relevant to  today’s economic climate the many insights that they provide are. The quality of the individuals interviewed is exceptional.
The strength of the book is the overall insight that the book gives you to the mind of some of the worlds most successful traders. It cant really be overstated how valuable this kind of insight is. It’s the kind of insight that many individuals are willing to pay significant sums to attend seminars and the what not. This insight is available to you a book which is now widely available at very reasonable prices. Searching the internet for reviews of the book you will be confronted with reams of positive reviews. 
Overall I would say this book is a must have, if you have the spare cash and an interest in trading you should purchase this book. The only criticism I could offer would be that many readers of my blog may feel they might benefit from purchasing a book which allows them to get to grips with their chosen derivative field over this more general book. I give Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders a 5 out of 5. 


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