Charting Software: A Quick Run Down

Though providers and brokerages often provide their own software, serious individuals may want better or more multi-functioning charting software especially if their trading strategy relies significantly on technical analysis. Today we are going to run through some of the available charting software available and discussing other software you might want to look into using. 

One of the leaders in field eSignal provides it’s clients with affordable and reliable real time data for the financial markets. eSignal provides full a solution of data feeds, charting applications and strategy tools, all to a very high professional level. eSignal is subscription based service and offers numerous supplemental services to suit the requirements of its clients. eSignal generally gets very good reviews from its users. The development language used for eSignal is called EFS and is based on JavaScript. 
Another product that offers a very similar experience to eSignal. Again one of the leading providers of reliable real time data for the financial markets. Providing a suite of different subscription based tools and services, news and fundamental data. A positive of TradeStation is that the offer a variety of pricing options to suit an individuals budget dependent on their needs. The strategy development tool on TradeStation is written in an in-house scripting language called EasyLanguage. Again TradeStation generally gets very good feedback from it’s users.  
Another alternative is NinjaTrader which is a complete end to end package. Serving traders of Forex, Stocks and Futures. The platform has multiple functions including advanced charting, analytics, system development and trade simulation. Custom indicators and strategies can be easily created with a simple click and edit process. Further developments can be made using a scripting language called NinjaScript. One of the positives of NinjaTrader is that there is a large and active community and has the ability to connect to many free data sources and subscription based services as well. In some cases the NinjaTrader application is available free, otherwise a subscription or one time purchase is required.


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