Trading Site Review: Capital Spreads – Spread Betting Review

Important Facts 
  • Regulatory Authority: Financial Services Authority (FSA UK)
  • Instruments: Indices, Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Futures 
  • Features: Easy to use platform and resources for new traders, comprehensive demo account 
  • Minimum Deposit: Dependent on Instrument being traded 
The Platform 
The Capital Spreads platform is web based but is fast, easy to use and clear. It is possible to quickly search the various instruments on offer and place bets without any hassle. The charting tools on offer are pretty reasonable, though they don’t offer lots of advanced charting techniques they are functional and allow you to do some on the fly charting analysis. The platform is also available on Mobile in both applications for the iphone and android based phones. Which is good allowing to trade on the move, it’s just a shame that there is no application for Blackberry’s. 
Special Features
Not much special here compared with Capital Spreads competitors which offer similar educational programs and other features. Trailing Spreads are available on Capital Spreads, something that is not offered by all Spread betting providers.  
Other Features 
The site seems to have some good educational features and tools for traders which is always welcome. Including an economic calender and some other quite useful features. The demo account on offer is also pretty good mimicking a real money account very closely (only difference being Stop Losses are automatically guaranteed on demo). Will there are some nice features there is nothing that will particularly blow your mind.   
Capital Spreads offer some very competitive spreads, I would say that the vast majority of Spread on offer at the site are competitive with the best Spread betting providers around. Having a site which offers great Spreads is always a plus. Though some Capital Spreads competitors offer better Spreads on some major indices, though the difference is not huge. 
Customer Service 
The Customer Service offered by Capital Spreads is generally considered to be top notch. With Customer service available 24/5 when the markets are open. Disputed trades are normally resolved fairly and the company is very transparent with all of its dealings. The company is run by London Capital Group which also operates some other companies which also have good reputations. 
Regulatory Authority 
Capital Spreads is based in the UK and is regulated by FSA, its parent company London Capital Group has had no serious run ins with the regulator. The only blemish on their record was problems with client contracts which was resolved all the way back in 2005. I would say Capital Spreads would be one of the safer places to put your money. 
Overall, I would offer a broad recommendation to Capital Spreads if anyone was to ask me my thoughts on the company.


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