Review of Betfair Trading Application: The Geeks Toy aka AGT Pro

I have previously talked about how one can make money trading financial bets on Betfair. I mentioned how a Betfair trading application can play a important role in maximizing your Betfair trading profits. Today I’m going to be taking a look at Betfair trading application AGT Pro aka as The Geeks Toy.  
The Geeks Toy is available free for download at the programs website and for a free tool is provides a very professional experience. When you first install the application you will be asked by Betfair to verify your use of a third party Betfair plug in. Once this is done you are ready to use the application to trade Betfair bets.  

The interface of the application will be recognizable for anyone who has used Betfair before. But one the real benefits you get from using The Geeks Toy is the ability to be able to track the price movement and volume over time in a clear to see graph. Making it easy to spot trends in price movements to trade on. All the various markets are easily navigable more so than on the actual Betfair platform itself. The speed that the prices update on the application also give you a considerable edge with prices on the platform updating every 200ms.  

They are also some sophisticated tools available for those who wish to trades bets on horse races one of the other more popular markets aside from Financials and Tennis for Betfair traders. For a free program AGT Pro is an excellent tool that I would recommend for anyone who wants to trade financial bets on Betfair. The program can be downloaded for free at Geekstoy


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