Trading Site Review: ETX Capital

Important Facts 
  • Regulatory Authority: Financial Services Authority (FSA UK) 
  • Instruments: Stocks, Indices, Forex, Bonds & Interest Rates, Commodities and Futures
  • Features: Sleekly designed platform and wide range of instruments available to trade 
  • Minimum Deposit: £100 minimum deposit 
The Platform
The ETX platform is web based with there being no downloadable version of the platform. But this isn’t really a problem with ETX’s online platform being easy to use and having great charting facilities. All of the large selection of instruments tradable on ETX’s platform are easily searchable and it is easy to place stop losses and work out how big a margin is required for each open position. The platform is assailable for Mobiles but is currently on availiable for Apple’s iphone with no support available for other competiting smart phone brands such as Google’s android operating system. This is a bit of a downside to ETX Capital, hopefully in the future ETX will bring out more wide ranging support. 
Special Features 
There is not much in the way of Special Features available at ETX Capital. I suppose the new trade through charting features released in late December of 2011, offer superior charting capabilities to the users in comparison to other spread betting providers.
Other Features 
Again as you would expect ETX Capital offers it’s clients numerous educational tools in order to help them learn about spread betting and the financial markets. Though a noticeable exception is the lack of a free demo account for new traders which seems a bit odd in the super competitive spread betting market. All in all there isn’t anything particularly outstanding to mention.  
My personally feeling about the Spreads on offer at ETX Capital is that they aren’t quite as competitive as many of the spreads offered by their competitors. With spreads on indices being noticeably larger than on say Capital Spreads or GFT’s spread betting service. Personally I would be tempted to shop around for better spreads, though the selection of instruments on offer is particularly impressive. 
Customer Service 
The Customer Service on offer from ETX Capital is top notch with them always being very prompt and proper with how they conduct themselves towards their clients. So if you ever do run into any trouble with ETX you should be safe in the knowledge they will try their best to resolve your complaint. 
Regulatory Authority 
ETX Capital is based within the City of London and is subsidiary of the Monecor Ltd who have been members of the London Stock-exchange since 1973. Regulated in the UK by FSA, ETX Capital have had a clean regulatory history. Which is always welcome news and helps gives customers extra peace of mind when using a firm. 
Overall, nice interface and platform let down by lack of competitive spreads in some markets and the lack of a demo account. 


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