Trading Site Review: GFT Binary Options

Important Facts 
  • Regulatory Authority: Financial Services Authority (FSA UK)
  • Instruments: Commodities, Indices and Forex 
  • Unique Features: The Deal Wheel
  • Minimum Deposit: Not listed, dependent on trading activity
The Platform

The platform is easy to use and features GFT’s unique deal wheel which is meant to make all the information available in a clear visual format. I personally like the GFT platform preferring it over the offerings from other Binary Options providers as it the user face is very user friendly. As you would expect GFT’s binary option platform is very reliable with quick execution and no downtime.  While both the CFD’s and Financial Spread Bets can be traded from GFT mobile platform the same doesn’t apply for Binary Options which is a bit of a shame really.  

Special Features  
The Deal Wheel is the feature that GFT spend the most time lauding when it comes to their Binary Options trading platform. While very useful this feature is hardly the most revolutionary thing offered. As with lots of other Binary Options sites GFT also gives it’s user the chance to try out a demo account to try their hand at trading for a 30 day period which is always a nice feature.  

Customer Services 
GFT offers very good customer service for it’s customers with providing 24/5 phone support and offering 24/7 Live Text Chat with one of its operators. Being FSA regulated and having generally a pretty good reputation it is also rather unlikely that you will have to resort to using the customer services of GFT, but if you unfortunately have too it shouldn’t be too much of a pain.  

Regulatory Authority 
GFT is regulated by the FSA in the UK allowing it to accept customers from all members of the European Union. FSA regulation is generally considered to be the gold standard of European Regulation. This should minimize any concerns you have about trading on the GFT platform. 

Overall, GFT’s binary options services represent one of the better online Binary Options offerings, while the number of trade-able instruments is somewhat limited the site and the deal wheel are top notch. If you want to learn more about how Binary Options work take a look at GFT’s introductory video on the subject


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