Book Review: Currency Trading For Dummies

Written by Brian Dolan, a man I had never heard of before reviewing this book who is apparently the chief strategist at a company operated by the GAIN Capital group. I was unable to find out much about Brian Dolan, though his seeking Alpha profile describes him as being frequently sought to commentate on CNBC and the like. So it does appear that the author of this book has some good Forex trading pedigree, which is always good as there appears to be many fly night so called experts who publish books to ride the Forex gravy train so to speak. 

Lets start talking about the points where the book excel’s. What it does very well is provide an introduction to Forex trading for someone who has no knowledge of the subject at all, this book will really guide the absolute complete beginner through the subject matter. Something the majority of the books in the ‘For Dummies’ series do very well. Any one who wants to decide whether Forex trading would be suitable for them could do a lot worse than reading this particular book. At 361 pages the book is a pretty comprehensive introductory guide to the subject. However one critique of its suitably as a guide to a complete beginner is the amount of Forex trading jargon used within the book, while this critique is relatively fair it could be simply overcome by Googling a term you don’t understand.  

It could be objected that the book doesn’t cover enough more sophisticated material to allow the reader to actually begin trading Forex for themselves. Trading Forex in this day an age has become a complicated subject with numerous trading techniques and methods being spouted by many different ‘experts’. This book doesn’t seem to quite provide enough information to allow a newbie to Forex trading to jump into trading the financial markets. It could be rightfully said that a new trader would almost certainly need more information to supplement what is contained in this book, if he wanted to trade the Forex markets successfully.  

This book is clearly not for the more experienced Forex trader who has read several introductory tomes on the subject matter or has some limited trading experience. People who lie in this category would be better suited by purchasing another book, of which there are plenty of offerings. 

Overall, I would say that Currency Trading For Dummies by Brian Dolan is a good but not great book for those who are new to the world of Forex trading. The book is widely available and can be found in bigger book shops and on Amazon.


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