Where can I trade Binary Options, with proper financial regulation?

As you may know Binary Options industry is a currently largely unregulated. Though a number of companies have sought gambling in Malta. As Malta is a member of the European Union this allows these companies to accept customers from throughout the European Union. While gambling regulation is certainly a lot better than no regulation. Many potential customers are put off by this due to the fact that many feel that Binary Options are financial instruments which demand proper financial regulation. Recently many customers and firms alike have being pressuring for such financial regulation. But no resolution to the issue looks forthcoming, so what do customers who want to trade binary options but want proper financial regulation do. 

Currently I only know one provider who can offer Binary Options with financial regulation. The British based CFD provider and Spread betting provider GFT offers financially regulated binary options. This is due to the fact that the binary options are offered in the form of spread bets or contracts for difference. While this complicates Binary Options somewhat it gives you the security of knowing that you are predicted by Financial Regulation, which is significantly more stringent than gambling regulation. (It doesn’t complicate the matter to badly and most people should be able to understand how the said binaries work by watching a five minute video). It should be also noted that the service offered by GFT is impeccable and I have personally had some very good experiences with GFT.  For a review of binary options at GFT click here

Personally I hope to see a more binary options firms attempt to become regulated. It seems that many firms are taking steps in the right direction. Hopefully, at some point in the future there will be more competitors who have also made efforts to become MiFID regulated.


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