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What is GStock? 
GStock is a service provided GridStock Inc. and the service claims to use Super-computing in order to produce daily stock tips. There is both a free and paid for service, the free service allows you to receive buy and sell alerts for 100 US Stocks selected by the user. The paid for service provides with stock tips for all US Shares. These tips are presented simply as Buy or Sell recommendations and are meant to be implemented immediately. However GStock does not tell you when to close a position unless the computer provides a signal in the opposite direction. Setting up the shares you want to follow is easy you simply need the relevant stock codes for those particular stocks.

Does it Work?  
I have never used the paid for version of GStock, so can only comment on the free version. I entered in the symbols of a number of US Stocks that I regularly trade. Every so often as promised GStock provided me with a stock tip for one of the particular shares identified as a mover by their computers. A number of the tips I received were regarding Yahoo and were sell indicators which I would say were a pretty good bet due to the problems Yahoo currently faces. If you had implemented the suggested trades when the alerts had come through a number of your trades would have entered into a profitable position. The real problem with GStock is that it provides you with no indication with when you are meant to close a particular position in order to minimize loses or maximize profits. Therefore it is hard to say whether a trader would be profitable following the advice provided by GStock’s supercomputer. 

While a number of the tips provided by GStock have been successful the real problem with GStock is knowing when to close a position and this leaves the trader having to monitor there positions and determine when to close them. The success of the trader will largely be down to how he interprets and implements the signals provided by GStock. It may be perfectly possible to use GStock in combination with particular types of technical analysis and be relatively successful. It would be interesting for someone to undertake an investigation using several different methods and techniques to see how successful GStock is in conjunction with other types of trading techniques. Such a further a investigation may be something I would undertake if anyone was interested in such an investigation I would be happy to undertake one.


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