CFD Review: Caesar Trade

Important Facts 
  • Regulation: Appears to be a completely unregulated company based in the Seychelles, Caesar Trade is the trading name of Caesar Trade International Ltd a Seychelles registered company with a PO BOX address. However from their Youtube videos it appears that the sites owners are American. 
  • Instruments: Forex, Commodities and Indian Shares 
  • Features: Nothing Unique. 
  • Leverage: Of up to 100:1 but depends on the Instrument. 
  • Minimum Deposit: $25  
The Platform 
Caesar Trade offers MetaTrader 4, a SRIX Webtrader and SRIX Mobile trading platform. All of these are reputable platforms which many people will have heard of before. In fairness to Caesar Trade they allow their traders unlimited use of Expert Advisors and do not put any limit on scalping advisors. However, I didn’t personally download the platform as I was worried about the security of the application. As Caesar Trade has one of the least professional looking webpages of any Forex brokerage I have come across, though a number of websites do state that the site is clean of Malware and Spyware. 
Caesar Trade offers traders the ability to trade Indian shares as well as the ability to open a free demo account. Apart from this there is nothing unique or special about Caesar Trade. 

The lowest fixed Spreads on Caesar Trade are 3 pips on major Forex pairings, but when it comes to more exotic pairings the pips become quite significant with the spread on GBP/NZD being a huge 25 pips. On some of the Indices and Commodities there are no spreads but absolutely huge commissions for example the IBEX35 has a fixed commission of $65. The Indices and Commodities which don’t have these huge rates of commission have instead huge spreads. In conclusion I feel that offers very poor value for money. 

Customer Service 
I have no idea what the customer service at Caesar trade is like, but you can book a chat with the owner on the main page. Weirdly enough I can’t find any reports on other websites about the quality of customer service on other websites. Which is bizarre to say the least, though it does appear that Caesar Trade is a very small operation meaning that it hasn’t received the kind of coverage you would expect to find on the major Forex websites. The Caesar Trade website has both a contact email and telephone number which has a Dayton Ohio dialing code which seems to confirm my suspicion that site owner is based in the United States of America.  

Caesar Trade is the trading name of Caesar Trade International Ltd. a company registered in the Seychelles. As far as I know the Seychelles doesn’t have any regulation regarding Contracts for difference, allowing Caesar Trade to operate completely unregulated. They state there primer brokerage is Leverate and it appears to me that Caesar Trade is using some kind of Leverate turn key solution. Whether they are covered by Leverate’s Cysec regulation is dependent on whether they are handle client monies themselves. If they do engage in any handling of client monies it would mean that they aren’t covered by their White Label Provider. From their website it appears to me that they do engage in some handling of clients money, which if true means that they are in fact unregulated. The situation regarding the regulation of Caesar Trade is confusing but I have the feeling that they are unregulated entity. 

Overall, I would recommend that individuals avoid Caesar Trade as they appear to be both poor value and also appear to be operating without proper financial regulation which if true is very concerning. 


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