CFD Review: ECMarkets

Important Facts 
  • Regulation: ECMarkets is one of the trading names of Safecap Investments Ltd. Who hold a Cysec licence and operate a number of other websites, including TopOption,, Finexo and ForexYard
  • Instruments: Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Bonds. 
  • Features: Wide range of Instruments and Platforms. 
  • Leverage: Up to 200:1 on Forex, Up to 100:1 on Commodities & Bonds, Up to 20:1 on Stocks. 
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
The Platform 
Being a Safecap Investments brand ECMarkets offers a similar range of platforms to the other brands in the Safecap stable. At the core of the ECMarkets offering is the well known and renowned MetaTrader 4, many will already be familiar with MetaTrader. The MetaTrader platform from ECMarkets functions as you would expect allowing you to use Expert Advisors and undertake all the technical analysis you would expect to be able to make. However Expert Advisor Stop Losses must be set at least 80pips away from the opening price which would mean quite a significant loss. ECMarkets customers also have the option to use the Srix Webtrader which is a well known Java based webtrading application and while not being as advanced as MetaTrader allows you to trade the markets successfully from any computer which doesn’t have MetaTrader installed. There is also the ECMarkets mobile trader which supports Mobile trading from most smartphones and while the mobile trader doesn’t offer a huge degree of different options it is still powerful enough to open and close positions while on the move. There is additional the option to use ECMarkets Mobile trader which I believe is a version of the popular social trading software Mirror Trader, this allows a trader to copy other traders trading signals thus automating their own trading. 
Special Features 
What is unique to the Safecap Investments platforms of which ECMarkets is among, is the wide range of different instruments that one can trade. These include a decent range of Stocks, Commodities and of course Forex, but more interestingly those who trade at ECMarkets can trade a range of different Bonds. Another decent feature of ECMarkets is that they offer a decent range of trading platforms to trade the markets.
The Spreads on offer aren’t the greatest but they are also not the worse. Major Forex pairings all have 3 pip spreads which is considerably larger than offered at some of the more competitive brokerages, however these spreads are still tighter than those on offer at websites such as eToro. While Spreads on Forex are fixed Spreads on other trading instruments tend to be floating and when at their lowest are quite competitive but due to the nature of floating spreads can widen during periods of high market volatility. But some of the Spreads on Stocks are not too bad and make ECMarkets a good option for those wishing to trade particular European Stocks. 
Customer Service 
Customer Service at ECMarkets has a pretty decent reputation with staff members working diligently to resolve customers problems. ECMarkets also provides a number of different toll free numbers for those who want to get into contact with them. All the different customer service interactions I have had with Safecap Investment companies have been pleasant enough and I imagine it to be the same at ECMarkets. There is also the option to communicate with ECMarkets through a 24/5 Live Chat feature, with you being put through to a customer service agent within a couple of minutes. Overall, customer service seems pretty reasonable and doesn’t ring any alarm bells.
As I have mentioned before hand ECMarkets is one of the trading names of Safecap Investments Ltd. which hold a full Cysec licence allowing them to accept clients from throughout the whole European Union. To the best of my knowledge ECMarkets has never gotten into trouble with the Cypriot regulatory authorities and has a totally clean regulatory record. While Cysec isn’t considered Europe’s toughest regulatory body you will still receive the minimum protections as set out in MiFID, which is something which can help you sleep better at night. 
Overall, ECMarkets is pretty decent but I wouldn’t place it among the elite level group of Contract for difference providers. However, ECMarkets may be a good place to trade depending on the instrument you intend to trade. 
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