Spread Betting Review: tradefair

Important Facts 
  • Regulation: tradefair is the financial spread betting arm of well known betting exchange and fixed odds bookmaker Betfair. However it appears tradefair is simply a white label platform supported by the London Capital Group who run a number of Spread betting services including ProSpreads and Capital Spreads. 
  • Instruments: Indices, Commodities, Forex, Bonds and Interest Rates. 
  • Features: Decent range of markets and reasonable Spreads. 
  • Minimum Deposit: None Stated, Deposit dependent on the Minimum Margin Requirements of the various instruments. 
The Platform 
As a white label of London Capital Group, the platform offered at tradefair is very similar to the platform offered at Capital Spreads. This is nothing to moan about as the platform on offer at Capital Spreads is pretty decent and the offering at tradefair reflects this. The platform is easy to navigate, with it being easy to open and close positions in any of the instruments offered on the platform. They charting features may be pretty light but they are still functional and will allow a trader to undertake all the different types of technical analysis needed to successful trade the financial markets. The other area where the tradefair platform is pretty basic is when it comes to mobile trading, at the time of writing their was only an iphone mobile trading platform on offer. While the platform was perfectly functional, it is a shame that tradefair only support mobile trading on the iPhone excluding android and Blackberry powered smart phones. 
Special Features 
There’s nothing much which makes the tradefair platform unique in comparison with the other Spread betting platforms offered by companies in the London Capital Group, however many new clients may feel happier dealing with a well known company like Betfair. Thankfully due to the fact that tradefair is powered by London Capital Group clients also have the opportunity to trade a wide array of instruments with very reasonable spreads. 
The Spreads on offer at tradefair are very competitive with Spreads on major Indices such as the FTSE100 being as low as 1 point. While their are a few brokerages that outdo this, including ProSpreads another company part of the LondonCapital Group. However the Spreads on offer at tradefair are pretty competitive with a number of the serious industry players, meaning that tradefair offers pretty good value for money even if they don’t offer the best value for money out there. 
Customer Service 
I have both direct experience with LondonCapital Group and with Betfair. I have to say that my experiences with both companies have been very positive. I would imagine that any experiences people had with tradefair would be similarly pleasant. General opinion on the internet seems to concur with my experiences of the company. This gives me some peace of mind and would probably recommend people consider tradefair as an option when opening a financial spread betting account. 
As a white label of London Capital Group, tradefair are regulated by FSA. The FSA is considered one of Europe’s tougher financial regulators and those who have accounts with London Capital Group will be pleased to hear that they have a completely clean regulatory record with not one penalty against them during the now 12 years that they have been regulated by the Financial Services Authority. 
Overall, while tradefair won’t set the world alight it is a perfectly reasonable place to trade financial spread bets.


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