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reviewsThis site has been formed to provide you with the best forex trading, CFD, spread betting, social trading, and binary option brokers. We have analysed dozens of companies providing these services over a course of several years, and seperated the wheat from the chaff. We hope you would find our reviews, strategy articles, news items and general insight helpful in your trading. Enjoy one of few sites that has been written by a real trader.

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Social Trading:


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Currency brokerages

What are currency brokerages?

Currency brokers, unlike forex brokers, are brokers that enable customers to make foreign exchange BANK TRANSFERS (mostly to a recipient overseas).

The confusion

These type of currency brokers, although offering derivatives such as FX options, Swaps and Forwards are not going to allow trading / speculation.

Their prime objective is to help small businesses and investors get a better FX fee than with the bank, but don’t want to be dealing (and aren’t authorised) for speculation.

The KYC process is extremely meticulous and after booking a trade, it may even get tougher. Somewhat of a similar experience as you would expect with a bank, just more online oriented.

MadeToTrade is not dealing with such brokerages at all – if you want to find a heap of information about the topic head over to MoneyTransferComparion’s Currency Brokers page.




More about The site was established in 2012, covering everything relating to trading and high-risk investment. We love covering forex trading and CFD trading. We enjoy covering the up and coming domain of binary options, as well as spread betting. We like helping our users understand the fine differences between these branches of investment / gaming (depends on how you look at it), and we want to assist readers with finding the most suitable platforms for their requirements and needs.

This is how the site used to look like back in 2012, when it was hosted on Google’s blog platform, blogspot:



Our Plans for the future: We intend to do a full overhaul to the website. It might take time (it WILL take a lot of effort), but it will eventually get there. The revamp process will include the following items:







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