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A collected page containing all of Made To Trade’s guides and Articles.

Guides to Spread Betting & CFD Trading
A Beginners Guide To Spread Betting 
A multiple post introductory guide and informative guide, aiming to introduce a newbie to the world financial spread betting.  
The Beginners Guide to Strategy and Analysis for Spread Betting 
A follow up to the Beginners Guide to Spread Betting. This time rather than focusing on explaining the mechanisms behind Spread betting, we look at Strategy and analysis for the newbie Spread Bettor. 
The Argument for a Sentiment Based Approach to Trading 
A series of posts looking at the claims of those who believe in taking a sentiment based approach to trading. 
Trading System Strategy Development 
A series of articles discussing strategy development when creating systems for trading. 
Guide to Betting on Financial Markets on Betfair 
An introductory post about the opportunities to make money trading financial bets on betting exchanges such as Betfair.

General Articles
Factors affecting Forex Movement 
A small article outlining some of the key factors that affect price movements in the Forex market. 
Factors affecting crude Oil prices 
A small post outlining the key factors which can affect the price of Crude Oil. 
Using Black Box Systems Advantages and Disadvantages 
A quick look into some of different advantages and disadvantages of using Black Box systems. 
Picking an Instrument to Trade 
Looking at some the factors to consider when deciding what instrument(s) to trade. Choosing the right instrument to trade is vitally important. 
Ideal Trading Setup 
Look at what might constitute the ideal trading setup for an independent trader. While this may be out the reach for many, everyone can dream. 
What is Pairs Trading 
A simple introductory look at what pairs trading is and why you might be interested in developing a pairs trading strategy. 
What is a binary option? 
A very quick look at what a Binary option is and how it works. The simplicity of Binary Options have seen rise an OTC instrument in recent years.  
Spread Betting ETF’s 
A look the benefits and negatives of Spread betting ETF’s in comparison to holding a physical ETF 
The easy guide on how to build an Expert Advisor 
An article demonstrating how easily you can build an expert advisor for Metatrader 4 without knowing programming language.  
What is the Baltic Dry Index and why is it important to you? 
A look at what the Baltic Dry Index is and why it is a important indicator fro traders. 

Understanding Technical Indicators 
ADXstands for Average Directional Index. This indicator measures the strength of the trend of any given traded instrument. 
Bollinger Bandswhere created unsurprisingly by John Bollinger in the 1980’s. Bollinger Bands are a piece of technical analysis used to determine the highness or lowness of the current price relative to previous trading. 
Moving Averages, a look at using Moving Average as a trading tool. One of the simplest and one of the most popular indicators around. 
Commodity Channel IndexThe Commodity Channel Index is a diverse indicator which can be used to identify new trends or act as a warning against extreme conditions. 
Parabolic SARThe Parabolic SAR is technical indicator which is used to determine the direction of an instruments price movement. While also being used to determine when this momentum as displayed by the indicator has a high probability of switching direction.

Regulatory Authority Cysec
A look at the regulatory authority CySec, the regulator for many retail FX brokers and member of MiFID.
Is RAFMM really a regulatory authority? 
A quick a look at the RAFMM and why you should be wary about dealing with it’s member organisations. 
Binary Options Regulation a contentious issue? 
A look at the lack of regulation present within the Binary Options industry and why some regulators are refusing to regulate them. 
What Character Traits make a Successful Trader 
A look at some of the traits that can often determine how successful a trader will be

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